Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay so, working at an animal hospital, working at a daycare, teaching dance, taking dance 4-5 times a week, preparing a solo, getting ready for a recital, searching for a new job, AND keeping up with a blog is just too. damn. much. That movie (all bloggers know it) Julie & Julia really inspired me to pursue what I love 365 days a year. I thought blogging about my passion, being dance, everyday would prove something?
But ya know what...Julie had no life! She had time to prepare a gourmet meal for 5 hours everyday and then blog about it. Sometimes she would cook 2 of those meals a day?! I applaud that women for doing it! Though, you know that part where she collapses and cries in the middle of the kitchen like a pathetic ball? Well, now I understand why.
I'm 18 and I'm already working myself to death! Dancing almost everyday is perfect. Working 6 days a week with crappy pay and hours...not so much. Did I mention I drive a car in dire need of repairs everyday? I need that something uplifting to happen, similair to the phone call julie gets after she cries like a pathetic ball. I need a new job. Something I can be proud of. I need to quit the animal hospital and find something.
My awesome hip-hop teacher works at the Hard Rock Casino. He suggested I try applying there. After I finish this blog I am going online to apply. He says, "You will make bank!" I sure hope so.
Let's stop being so negative for just a paragraph. I am performing a solo in June. Talk about a dream! My chances of working at the Hard Rock are high! I teach dance!! Granted some of my little dancers to be tend to run wild, I still enjoy it. It's a small stepping stone to my dream. Last but not least, I conquered dancing 365 days a long, long, long time ago! I have been dancing since I was 3, and I don't need to blog EVERYDAY to prove I am passionate about something! Dance is my passion. I just put too much pressure on myself.
With that being said, please follow me. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

same ol 5 6 7 and 8

Day five was Sunday, typical practice. Day six, was Tuesday same classes. Hip-hop, ballet, and my private. Of course, Tuesdays are also the days I teach dance. Day 7 was Thursday. I teach dance that day as well. I also take my stretch class. And Day 8 was Friday my pointe class.

I'm getting sick of the same routine. Sure I do alot, and you would think, "how does that get old?" Well, let me tell you. I do the same rushed routine every week. Work job # 1 go, go home, rush to job #2, go home, rush to dance, rush, rush, home, dance, job, work.....AHHHH!!!!

I need to change it up but how? I know I'm improving with every class I take which is fantastic, but I'm getting bored. I want more of a challenge. I think I'm going to drop my stretch class, and sign up for another pointe class and a lyrical class. Both of them on Monday. PROBLEM: I work Monday. Maybe I can talk my boss into changing my hours around...again.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thank you for the award mamma. I'm too good with speeches, but I'll give it a whirl. ;D Thank you to mu mom for introducing me to the world of blogging. Thank you to my dance teachers, girls, and instructors.
Here are my random 10 facts.
FACT 1: I love my dog Gracie lou more than anyone can ever love a pet.
FACT 2: I can not shuffle cards to save my life!!
FACT 3: Like my mom, I would love to downsize to an RV and travel. I would just have to make sure it would feel like home to Gracie.
FACT 4: If I had a dime for everytime I got lost driving, bills would be the LEAST of my worries.
FACT 5: When I talk to my dog aliens think I'm trying to contact them. I talk in a very high voice with every vowel being dragged out at the VERY top of my lungs.
FACTt 5: I'm ALWAYS doing something, I tend to squeeze in everything and make time as tight as possible...speaking of tight timing, I'm late for my sushi date.
FACT 6: I am ALWAYS late! Tell me to be anywhere at least a half hour early than the desired time. Chances are, however, I will still be late.
FACT 7: My car is my closet. I have work uniforms for both jobs, play clothes, dance clothes, and shoes. It makes life convenient, and gives me a reason to deny peopel rides. :D
FACT 8: I trip over everything, even things you can't even see. Odd because I dance. (please refer to my older post, "failing at flailing).
FACT 9: I am behind in the worlds technology more than a grandma using a telegraph.
FACT 10: I talk too fast...way too fast.


This whole 365 dance has been doing but stressing me out!! I WILL complete this task, but it's not gonna by dancing EVERYDAY for a whole year. When i dance it will count as a day. So, Tuesday was my new day one.
I completed my solo in my private class and didn't get done with dance practice till 11!
Day 2, Wednesday, was my callback for my solo...I forgot the last two 8-counts. But it happens to us all!
Day 3, Thursday, was my stretch class. Very simple and relaxing class.
Friday, day 4, was my pointe class!! We began choreographing for the recital and it's a spicy little number to Spanish music. It really is turning out better than I thought.
Day 5? Well it hasn't come yet. I did not dance today. Instead, I went into work at the animal hospital, made plans for sushi and a movie, and decided to catch up on my blog.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I Haven't been keeping up with my blog. I'm really disappointed...
I want to start all over. Tomorrow will be my brand new "day one" . I have decided, however, to go about this 365 thing a little differently.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

will be...

I will be posting about Friday Saturday Sunday Monday and today (days 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) after dance today. As you know, my Tuesdays are jam packed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Days 3, 4, and 5

Tuesday was day 3 of my "365 days of dance". Real quick, let me give you a typical Tuesday schedule.
7am-1pm work.
Get home, get ready for dance lessons, leave by 3:45pm(it's very close to my house)
4pm-5pm 3 year old dance lessons.
Get home, eat something quick, usually an unhealthy item, and leave by 5:30pm.
Get to my studio by 6:00pm.
6-7 ballet, 7-8 hip-hop, 8-9 private class.
Of course by the end of EVERY Tuesday I am sore. With this being said, let me move on to my day 4 which was yesterday.

Yesterday...ah Wednesdays. Wednesdays used to be the one day I really didn't feel like dancing. Why? Well because random parts of, if not my entire body, hurts! For this week my spots are my calves, ribs, shoulders, and upper arms. With aching calves, practicing my pointe was out of the question. I really just thought about skipping yesterday and starting all over...again. But that wouldn't be dedication now would it?

So what did I do? I stretched. I sat in my room and tried to stretch out my muscles. I guess I made up my own form of yoga, and yes, I consider stretching a form of dance. Afterwards I took a hot bubble bath and read a book. I have found a way around my unbearably sore Wednesdays. It will be something I do every Wednesday. You should do the same.

Moving on to day 5, today. Today I got mirrors for my little dance room. Well, I didn't, a couple people I know gave them to me and brought them to my work. Now, instead just ballet barres, I have mirrors. Yes, I know, EXCITING!! Anyways, I taught the 4-5 year old class and was very impressed with myself. A new kid, or should I say dancer, will be signing up for next session. I managed my time well and had a little more control over the class! It went well.

After my dance lessons I rushed to me own studio for my own dance class. Today was only one class. A stretch, jumps, and turns class. Where everyone...stretches, say it with me now, jumps, and turns. :) It's probably one of my favorite classes. I learned today that my double stags are actually...pretty darn good. I also learned that I have the opportunity to perform a solo in the recital coming up in June. :) It all just depends on my private classes.

There are your days 3, 4, and 5. Only 360 more to go...but who's counting anyways?
(Mom's que to raise hand and say, "Me.")